What Technology is Used Behind Uber and Careem Apps?


blankHoping in a Careem or Uber you must have thought.

What’s the technology behind the app, how it works and how you never miss your rid to work, college or back home!


The technology is not difficult, but what actually makes it important is how you bring many simple solutions together to create something bigger and better.

In this blog post, we are going to discuss the technology behind Uber and Careem apps and what kind of car tracking is used in a business model like this.

Here you go!

Uber/Careem Business Model


Uber or Careem or Airbnb or many other famous companies like them are based on a business model in which you do not need to invest a lot or have a proper corporate infrastructure or even product anything.

All you do is find out a problem, offer a solution, and provide a platform to the providers and the buyers.

Device’s Location


To Uber or Careem, it is not a person, but a device that asks for a driver or a ride to take it from one to another place.

That device, as you know, is a mobile device like your cell phone or your tab. Using that device you pick a point where you need to be dropped.

As far as Uber, the pioneer in this model, is concerned, it uses Core Location Framework for iOS using customers and thus obtains the geographic location of the owner of the device.

With this technology the location of pickup and drop off is determined.

The point to point directions, that people love a service like Uber or Careem for, is based on Google Maps Android API and for the iOS users, Uber app makes use of MapKit, and this is how your drivers find your location.

Also, this is how you see as to where they are and how close they are to your location.



If you’re interested in the map app in your cell phone (whether it is an iPhone or an Android one), you must be aware of the Google vs Apple Maps.

As a matter of fact, these days everyone uses cell phone map apps for navigation.

The problem that is reported with Apple Maps is that they are not just as accurate as Google maps.

Considering this, it would have been hard or at least an important choice to make for Uber to decide whether it will rely on Google maps or Apple.

For both: the iPhone users and Android users, Uber relied on Google Maps.

Now Google Maps consider Uber as a key partner and although it is not available anymore, in initial days Google allowed some integration with Uber so you could directly book an Uber from Google maps.

While that is not available anymore, Uber still relies on Google Maps and pays Google maps because a map is the key component of a service like Uber or Careem.

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