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Lahore is the second biggest city of Pakistan, both: in terms of total population as well as the area. The city is the capital of Punjab province and a melting pot of stolen cars from nowhere else but from the city itself. 

If you go to Bilal Ganj, you would see a spare parts market that you might not see anywhere in the country. Unfortunately, it is the same market where car lifters bring a stolen Mehran or City, and entire car is reduced into spare parts – no one can trace it any longer.

Lahore has the worst car theft scenario after Karachi – for example, only in 2018, there were 4,252 cases of vehicle theft and 12 cases of carjacking (snatching the car forcefully). This should be enough to have a good idea of the grotesque nature of car crimes in Lahore.

Trackerzone took this ratio of vehicle theft and snatching as a challenge, and innovated a system that addresses all the problems related to car theft.

Our system covers car tracking via website as well as mobile phone app, it lets you know of battery tempering, it lets you geo-fence your locality so you may know as soon as your car leave your area and it lets you control your car’s ignition and speed.

Call us anytime to know more about our features – we’d be happy to answer your questions.

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