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Rawalpindi is adjacent to Islamabad so the crimes committed in one city impact the law and order situation of the other one. Rawalpindi, being on Grand Trunk road, is the melting pot of all kind of auto lifters and smugglers. 

Cars jacked from Rawalpindi are taken to KPK and then smuggled to tribal areas or Afghanistan. So, smuggling of automobiles is the biggest problem that people of Rawalpindi and Islamabad face.

We know that in Rawalpindi, apart from the new colonies that have been erected in its suburbs, every house does not have enough parking space – same goes for businesses as well as markets.

We wanted to fix this issue and save people of adjacent cities from auto-theft and smuggling thereof. For this very purpose, we invented a better car tracking and security system than you can get from any other Pakistani company.

The most important parts of any system are car theft warning and ability to control ignition and speed. If you have these two, you can at least stop the thieves from leaving the city – you can do more with help of police.

However, many car theft warning systems do not work properly; our geo-fencing system will alarm you the moment your car leaves your vicinity. 

This will work against those smart thieves who get the car smuggled via trucks. Apart from this, you get to know about batter tempering. The tracking is possible from both: web and app.

If you still have any questions, feel free to call us.

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