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Islamabad being capital of the country and being located next to Rawalpindi is an important city for car lifters gangs. As per the reports, the biggest group of car lifters in Islamabad (and Rawalpindi) is consisted of Afghan refugees. 

The car theft problem in Islamabad is special; when a car is lifted from Islamabad, it does not always end up in a spare parts market or used as a stolen car inside the country – it is mostly smuggled to tribal areas or Afghanistan.

With a problem like this, your normal ignition control or tracking devices cannot help much. The mentioned gangs have the stolen car boarded on a truck and smuggle it to hundreds of miles far from Islamabad. This is not a scenario that you can avoid with simple car security solutions.

This is why TrackerZone offers 3x protection system that has all the right things that you need to prevent your car’s theft at any cost. We allow you to track the car from web as well as app, get battery tempering information, make a geo-fence with either SMS or call, and totally control ignition and the speed.

You can call us in case you have any questions or concerns about our solution.

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