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Faisalabad is the 2nd biggest industrial hub of Punjab – it is a city brimming with appreciable commercial activities, industries and new venues for real estate investors considering that city is expanding and new towns have raised the bar for a Faisalabadi way of living. 

However, as per news reports, carjacking crimes are on the rise in Faisalabad’s rural and urban areas. While center of the city attracts all kind of car thieves and those who sell or buy stolen parts, the new towns are also not immune from car theft. 

Rich people who prefer gated societies often lower their safety and security measures, and they end up getting their cars lifted.

This kind of situation demands an all-inclusive solution and this is exactly what we offer. Having out smart car tracking and control services on your side, you can rest assured that car lifters will never be able to steal your car.

Our services include, but are not limited to mobile app and web tracking, protection from battery tempering, ability to geo-fence over a call or SMS and full control on ignition and speed.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions and concerns about our services.

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