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Sialkot is one of Punjab’s biggest industrial hubs – a city full of life and brimming with busy commercial activities. Yet, Sialkot is one of the cities known because of big number of car theft attempts.  

Number of stolen cars per year is not known, but as per estimations, it is more than 120 cars a year. As a matter of fact, stolen cars from other cities are also brought to Sialkot where they disappear forever. The problem is very well known to the locals. 

The situation of car theft is so dire and you cannot consider your car safe as long as it is parked outside your house, your office or in a public place.

People behind TrackerZone were very well aware of the situation of car lifting in Pakistan. All of us have a relative or a friend who got their car stolen only within a few minutes of parking it somewhere.

We wanted to introduce excellent car tracker services to Sialkot. We dream of one solution to all car security problems – definitely including battery theft. And we have done it! 

Our modern car security and tracking solution covers all important areas e.g. web tracking, mobile app tracking, battery tempering instant reports, geo-fencing via a single call or SMS and complete control on ignition as well as speed.

Feel free to call us anytime you have questions or concerns about our solution.

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