How Car Tracking Can Help Careem and Uber Cars in Pakistan


Not too long ago …

People used to call City Radio Cab or other cab services car-tracker-islamabador some cab drivers from personal contacts to go from one place to another place in the city.

But then everything changed with on-demand mobile app cab booking services known as Careem and Uber.

While Careem was new in this business, Uber had occupied the biggest chunk of this business.

Considering the volume of the money that both companies were pumping into developing their hegemony (as a matter of fact, in the beginning, both of these companies operated at loss because of the high wages that they were offering to car owners and drivers), a lot of people decided to join this model.

And this is where it got tricky.

Business Model

What makes this business model tricky, especially in a countrycar-tracker-lahore like Pakistan, is how it works. Considering the oil price hike and adjustment of the same every month or even twice a month, these companies had to taste bad blood.


The bigger problem was what owners of these cars faced. Considering the road conditions and how educationally backward drivers maneuvered the cars that they did not own, it was a big risk to let another person drive one’s car.

The bigger problem lies in a situation where you decide to drive your car. In order to earn a decent living from Careem or Uber, it is suggested that one must have a 9+ driving hour a day.

Considering the condition of roads, traffic and everything between them, 9+ hours a day is a routine that will give nightmare to people who are not used to driving for a living.



Since one of the biggest reasons why people do not trust their car to other drivers is manhandling or the possibility of auto-theft, there is a solution that you can try to evade such issues.

That is installing a GPS tracking device in your car(s). Do you want to know in how many situations a car tracking system can help you especially when you have a Careem or Uber business thing going on?

Take a look:

  • Fleet Management – Have an empire of Uber or Careem based cars and manage the entire fleet from your home. Track wherever they are and talk to the “captains” whenever you want.
  • Stop an Auto-Theft – Not only your GPS tracking device can show you where they are, but it can also alarm you if a car is moving out of a pre-set perimeter, and it can even stop the engine to avoid an auto-theft situation.
  • Make a Better Reputation – Remember, car tracking is not all about GPS devices. You can install a camera and a microphone to check how a particular driver deals with your Careem or Uber clients. Bad reputation leads to bad reviews and bad reviews are equal to loss. Manage a 5-star reputation with keeping an eagle eye on your drivers.
  • Safety – Assure that your car, the fuel that you pay for and your drivers and your clients (from Uber or Careem) are 100% secure. In this business safety is everything; a tracking device ups the level of your supervision and safety.

So, Get a tracking device for each of your cars and stay safe.

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