Integration of Vehicle Tracking Systems with Mobile Apps


Have you ever thought about securing your tracking device and integrating it into mobile? The tracking system for vehicles has changed the vehicle security system. This system is beneficial for personal use and also for business purposes such as logistics and transport.

The app provides every detail from vehicle speed, fuel, location and driver information. You can run your work sitting comfortably, knowing your vehicle is secure and safe.

This interesting technology has a lot of benefits. Let’s explore some of its features and how it is developed.  

Real-time Vehicle Tracking App

Why is it important to have a real-time tracking app? What kind of people is it for? 

A real-time tracking vehicle app is made to track your vehicle from anywhere. Technology has upgraded our lifestyle and even our businesses. You can use this app for your vehicle and as well for your logistics business.

This app will provide every detail of your vehicle, its speed, location and even who is driving the vehicle. It was used on Desktop but as the world is technologically evolving, it is now available on mobile.

You can set routes, mileage, and speed limits and all data will be available on mobile. You can run your transport or delivery business on your mobile from anywhere, knowing every detail will be provided on the app and your vehicle is completely secured. 

Preparing Vehicle Tracking System

To secure a vehicle you need a tracking system and for your comfort, it must be integrated into your mobile. So, how to develop a vehicle tracking system?


First, you need a GPS tracking device, which will collect all data such as the speed of the vehicle, location, fuel, vehicle locks and other security options. This data will be provided on your mobile app. Here are some vehicle tracking device features:

  • Location detecting is one of the major features, which provide your vehicle’s current location on your mobile. It will help you to secure your vehicle from carjacking.
  • Geofencing will secure your vehicle and keep it within the boundaries you created. If it goes out of your virtual boundary, the tracker will alert you. This way you can plan a route for your customer and you will be informed that your vehicle is on your desired route. And you can upgrade customer service by noting pickup time and arrival time.
  • You can keep track of your mileage, and fuel efficiency. This way you can keep your vehicle well-maintained and save money.
  • The Tracker will provide you with data on your car’s speed limit. If the car goes above the limit you will be notified.
  • Tickets are helpful in time tracking. They will alert you when your time goes up. This way you can schedule your destination.
  • As technology can be dangerous, there is a chance of your vehicle getting hacked. Tracker will provide a shield, to secure your vehicle from such vehicles.


Now to transfer data from GPS to your mobile you will need a server. Its job will be to store all data and transfer it to your mobile.

Mobile Integration

Mobile will be your user interface. All data from GPS to the server will be available on your mobile screen. It is a comfortable process to secure your vehicle.

 Security Measures

After securing your car, you need to secure tracker data. This data which is transmitted between your mobile and tracking device, can be hacked. Securing is as important as securing your vehicle. 

Here are some steps to secure your data:

  • Enforce HTTPS (Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure) for all communication between your mobile app and the tracking system. This way you can prevent any unauthorized person from entering your device system.
  • Data running between your mobile and tracking system must be end-to-end encrypted. To make it better quality use industry-standard encryption algorithms.
  • Any device you use between your mobile and tracking device must be authentic.
  • All the user input you use must be verified and clean. This way you can stop malicious code from entering your tracking device system.
  • Use a secure storage mechanism provided by the mobile platform. This way you will secure your sensitive information such as API keys or tokens, on the mobile app. 
  • Regularly check your server and mobile app. Do a regular audit by testing the server and other components such as address and identity.


Vehicle tracking systems integrated with mobile apps allow for real-time tracking and improved security. GPS devices collect data on speed, location, and fuel efficiency, which is stored on a server and accessible through a mobile app. Secure measures, such as encryption and secure storage, are necessary to protect the data.

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