Different Ways to Cut Fuel Costs in 2024


Fuel prices have been on a hike since the COVID-19 pandemic. The household and business sectors are burdened by unbearable fuel bills that do not seem manageable. The condition has worsened in Pakistan due to stagnant per capita income and limited resources for citizens. 

The fuel prices are under the government’s control, so we cannot reduce them until something happens nationally. However, the fuel consumption can be reduced by taking certain precautions. Ignorant and uninformed car owners usually do not know they are leaking fuel. 

Car trackers in Pakistan are the best companions for vehicle owners. They can help plan budgets and save fuel. However, you can take other measures to reduce the fuel consumption of your vehicle. This article will explain all these factors and enable fuel savings.

Reduce engine idling 

Turning on the engine consumes a lot of fuel. Considering this, car owners and drivers do not turn off the engine while the vehicle is parked for a few minutes. While this sounds rational, it is less known that engine idling is generally more fuel-consuming than turning it on again. 

We advise turning the engine off when waiting for someone in the car park. Car trackers are the best devices to report engine idling. Engine idling is a critical part of a driver’s behavior. 

Monitoring driver’s behavior

Drivers do not empathize with car owners because they never consider fuel saving their responsibility. Even after assessing that their budget is out, owners cannot blame drivers directly for the fuel efficiencies because they lack evidence. However, GPS car trackers in Pakistan enable you to generate accurate fuel reports with a dedicated section for driver behavior.

TrackerZone is the best car tracker company in Pakistan due to its precise and detailed driver-behavior analytics. An SMS or in-app notification is sent when the set behavior standard is breached. The right GPS car tracking company is the best option to help monitor your driver. These companies also help optimize routes. 

Optimizing route

The old-school method to save fuel is to optimize your route. In the past, people could not accurately measure the distance between two locations. However, you can check Google Maps before a trip to plan your route better. Car tracking devices sold by TrackerZone help monitor the distance you have traveled and suggest the shortest path to destiny. However, speed optimization also plays a crucial role in saving fuel. 

Optimizing speed

Maintaining moderate speed is the key to efficient fuel consumption. Overspeeding can be dangerous for the driver but also increases fuel consumption. Studies claim fuel expenditure increases by 30% when the driver exceeds a specific speed limit.

A car owner or fleet manager must know the speed limits and set them on the car tracker app to ensure the driver does not overspeed. GPS car trackers produce speeding and fuel consumption reports to enable effective monitoring. Despite control of speed, maintaining the vehicle’s health is critical.

Preventive maintenance

Maintenance is often regarded as a bad thing when it is done reactively. Maintaining a car every month can cost thousands of rupees in Pakistan. Despite the costs related to maintenance, the fuel savings are a silver lining. 

The engine and other components do not waste fuel when preventive maintenance is regularly done. Maintaining joints and connections is clean and smooth, so the engine does not require too much force to make them work. The car tracker companies in Pakistan monitor vehicle health stats for timely preventive maintenance. One of the most important parts of preventive maintenance is checking the air pressure in tires.

Tire pressure

Over or under-inflated tires can negatively impact fuel consumption. Each PSI over or under the prescribed air pressure means 0.1% of fuel loss. The fuel consumption can deteriorate up to 3% if the air pressure level goes unaddressed. 

Another important aspect related to tire pressure is the climatic conditions. The pressure increases as the temperature goes up and vice versa. When traveling in hot climatic conditions, the tire pressure is expected to increase. To save fuel, you must track this and adjust the tire pressure accordingly. Besides tires, road quality also matters a lot. 

Road quality

Road quality is a common but ignored factor that unexpectedly piles up fuel expenses. Rough and bumpy roads have greater friction, which takes more engine power and fuel to overcome. Smooth roads usually have less friction. Engines do not need to put much effort into rolling the tires. It is preferable to opt for developed roads instead of wasting fuel on under-construction roads. The consumption is impacted by traffic volume. 

Vehicle volume 

According to surveys and studies, around 20-40% of the fuel is overburnt due to blocked roads and high vehicle volume. The best way to overcome these inefficiencies is by staying informed about political campaigns, incidental road blockages, flood-prone areas, peak traffic time, etc. 

GPS car tracking companies in Pakistan can help with traffic management if the government allows the integration of their technology with the traffic management system. This integration will help optimize and automate the traffic flow. The next factor is the last resort for your fuel management issues.

Right engine size

As a car owner, the last option for you is to determine the suitable engine size for every trip. It is better to opt for vehicles with smaller engines for longer trips. However, the same does not apply to trips to mountain ranges in Northern Pakistan. The bumpy and irregular mountainous roads need engine power and fuel. On the contrary, electric vehicles are better for shorter routes and intra-city travel.

Vehicle weight

The weight of the vehicle body on the chassis is critical to check before buying a car. Heavier vehicles burn more fuel as the engine needs more power. An economical vehicle is mainly lightweight, and the engine is smaller (less than 1000cc). Moreover, it would be best not to carry unnecessary weight in the truck or the backseat. A heavier vehicle means higher fuel consumption and vice versa.


TrackerZone is a platform established to enable vehicle tracking and fuel savings. We can track drivers’ behavior and other important stats like speeding details and engine idle time. Our services are equally value-adding for private and business vehicles.

Planning and implementing a fuel budget is essential for everyone in Pakistan. These fuel costs are controllable if you consider the factors mentioned above. The top 10 vehicle tracking companies in Pakistan help control most of these factors, but you must look into the scope of services before opting for a GPS tracker for car.

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