Top Car Trackers in Pakistan


Are you looking for the best GPS tracker in Pakistan to secure your vehicle? You can explore the GPS world by analyzing different car tracker features.

GPS general features are real-time tracking, geofencing, data collecting, battery life and connecting with mobile apps. Its different features perform differently as some GPS are hardwired while others require the battery to function.

Let’s explore some of the best GPS trackers in Pakistan and learn their features, prices and customer reviews.

Searching for the Best Car Trackers in Pakistan

When searching for a car tracker what are features you must know? Here are some general features:

Real-time Tracking

It is a feature which provides your car’s exact location. You can keep an eye on your car from far away with peace of mind knowing yours is secure.


It is a property of a tracker in which you set a virtual boundary. When your vehicle enters or moves out of this boundary, the car tracker will alert you.

History Data 

Your car history is stored in the car tracker, this way you can check your history of routes, where you stopped and even the time of your destiny. 


Some trackers run on your car’s energy, hardwired to your car and some car trackers run on battery. You can consider any option which is best for you.

Mobile App

You can integrate a car tracking device on your mobile and monitor your vehicle on your mobile screen.

Best Car Trackers in Pakistan

Have you wondered what is the best GPS tracker in Pakistan?

Let’s explore some vehicle trackers.

Mini GPS Tracker & Recording Device GF-07 pro

One of the most used GPS trackers in Pakistan is the mini GPS tracker and recording device GF-07 Pro. It is a mini and lightweight GPS, which is easy to carry.


  • You can easily track your vehicle through your mobile app or web portal.
  • They are small in size and you can easily carry them anywhere.
  • They can be used for geofencing and you can create your virtual boundary to secure your vehicle.
  • They have a unique feature in that they have the function of recording audio and video.
  • These vehicle trackers run on batteries and have long-life batteries.


You can buy a mini GPS tracker and recording device GF-07 pro-PKR 2,299.


  • If we sum up the customer’s positive review, the best thing they loved about this tracker for a car is its small size and it is easy to carry. The other opinion of the customer is that it records an audio and video feature.
  • The negative opinion of customers was that they were not satisfied with battery space. The battery life is not horrible but could be better.

ST 903 Mini GPS Tracker Real Time Location

It is one the best GPS trackers in Pakistan, which has a voice monitor and is best for real-time location.


  • It has a compact design and lightweight 56g for portability.
  • It has a wide temperature range of 20°C to 55°C functional flexibility.
  • It has the capability of humidity tolerance as it is 5%-95% non-condensing for different environmental conditions.
  • It is equipped with a long long-lasting battery of 1050mAh, 3.7V.
  • It has the feature of quick starting, for a cold start, it takes 35s, a warm start in 30s and a hot start in 1s.
  • It can be charged by a wall charger with 110-220V input, 5V-1A output while in the car it has 12-24V input, 5V-1A output.


You can buy it for 11,500.00 ₨.


  • It has a positive review on its compact design being lightweight with a wide temperature range which is reliable in various conditions.
  • The negative opinion of the customer is that it won’t survive in extreme weather and its GPS sensitivity of -159 decibels is acceptable but its signals might fluctuate.

GPS Tracker ST-900

It is another budget-friendly GPS tracker in Pakistan. Let’s explore its features, price and reviews.


  • It has no built-in battery support.
  • It has improved security features as it has ACC detection.
  • It comes with shock alarm and overspeed alarm qualities.
  • It can be used for cars, motorcycles and scooters.
  • You can integrate it into mobile.


Its price in Pakistan is 7,150.00 ₨


  • Customers appreciate its improved security with its ACC detection feature and its communication factor is reliable as it has 2G GSM compatibility (850/900/1800/1900Mhz).
  • The absence of a built-in battery has limited its functions as the power source is not available.


When looking for a GPS tracker in Pakistan to secure your vehicle, consider features like real-time tracking, geofencing, battery life, history data, and mobile app integration. Popular options include the Mini GPS Tracker & Recording Device GF-07 pro, ST 903 Mini GPS Tracker Real Time Location, and GPS Tracker ST-900. Compare prices and customer reviews before making a purchase.

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