Ten Simple Tips To Secure Your Vehicle


Vehicle theft is one of the most frequently occurring crimes all over the world. Pakistan is no exception to this, as large metropolitan cities like Karachi, Lahore, and Islamabad see hundreds of vehicles getting stolen daily. 

The risk of vehicle theft can be reduced by installing the security equipment sold by car tracker companies in Pakistan. While equipment does matter, certain precautions from the car owners can also prevent theft. We have compiled some steps that you can take to keep your vehicle safe while it is parked. This article will explain everything in sufficient detail, so let the informative flow.

GPS Car tracker in Pakistan

The most reliable method to secure your vehicle is to install a GPS car tracker in it. A car tracker is usually a small device that is not prominently visible. The GPS car trackers in Pakistan are used to detect the real-time location of vehicles. 

Car trackers have many valuable features in addition to real-time location. The geo-fencing feature prevents your vehicle from exiting a set geographic boundary. The car tracking system assesses the situation automatically and sends an SMS alert when it detects anything suspicious.

The best car tracking companies in Pakistan provide 24/7 customer support to ensure a theft or potential theft situation is addressed immediately. Car trackers are a reliable source for locating or recovering vehicles. We recommend installing a GPS tracker inside your car to avoid instances of car theft.

Opting for dash cams is the second most effective method to not only prevent car theft but also catch the thief. The equipment is installed either on the dashboard or the top of the windshield. Dashcam records the visual footage of whatever is happening inside or outside the vehicle. 

It is preferable to install a dash cam at any place where it is not visible to the thief. A high-quality dash cam installed by the best car tracker company in Pakistan rarely malfunctions. We recommend getting it done from TrackerZone, as our dash cams are integrated with the GPS car tracking system.

Security alarms, also called vehicle alarms, are the most well-known and traditional measures to prevent car theft. These alarms are connected to the door handles and headlights of your vehicle. 

When the door handle is pulled while the doors are locked, then a shrill alarm goes off. The security alarm not only produces a loud sound but also blinks the headlights to ensure a distant person can see what is happening.

This security measure helps catch a naive thief, but it is vulnerable to robberies conducted using car keys. The sound is loud, but the technology is dodgeable. It is an excellent piece of equipment to opt for as a secondary theft prevention measure. However, relying on it alone is not recommended.

Steering locks were a common sight in the 80s and 90s because they were a new trend. However, in the current situation, steering locks are essential to fend off car thieves. These locks are visible, and they let the thieves know that the vehicle is hard to steal as it has added security equipment. Steering locks are available at a variety of prices, and they are mainly made of stainless steel and rigid polymer. 

Car immobilizer

Car immobilizers are advanced and highly effective devices. As per reports, they have helped reduce car theft by 40%. Most car tracker companies in Pakistan integrate vehicles with car immobilizers. This equipment prevents the vehicle from getting hotwired so that a thief will need car keys for ignition. Car immobilizer is the least that you can do for your lovely car.

You can go one step ahead to prevent vehicle theft by purchasing wheel clamps. Car owners do not commonly use this equipment in Pakistan. However, people owning luxury vehicles can bet on these clamps to prevent theft. 

Traffic police primarily use wheel clamps to immobilize or lock illegally parked vehicles. You can rely on the durability and fool-proof locking mechanism of this piece of equipment. Despite the durability factor, wheel clamps are unpopular due to their hectic fitting.

Make it your habit to check doors before leaving your vehicle in a car park. Most car theft instances occur because the doors are not properly locked. All preventive measures and security equipment come later because your priority must include shutting the car door properly. A locked car is vulnerable to theft, but an unlocked vehicle is undoubtedly stolen.

Keep valuables safe

Most vehicle thefts break into cars that have expensive items lying on the dashboard or car seats. To avoid a small burglar from cutting the window, it is better not to leave any costly belongings in your car. A car with no iPhone, laptop, or jewelry usually has a lower chances of getting robbed.

Park Responsibly

The best preventive measure that a car owner can take to secure his vehicle is to park responsibly. It is preferable to park in the official car parks in shopping malls and plazas. Parking a vehicle on the side of the road can make it more vulnerable and exposed to theft. 

Suppose you have a garage or car porch inside your house; then, never leave your vehicle outside. However, in case you have a small house, park the vehicle at the nearest car park. We suggest befriending the car park staff and exchanging phone numbers with them. Ask them to call when the car goes missing, or anything suspicious happens. 

In several car theft instances, the car owners did not take care of their keys. It is better to chain all your keys together to avoid the risk of losing them. Keep them inside your pocket, and do not let unknown people hold the keys in their hands. 

The physical safety of the car keys is necessary to secure your vehicle. Lock the car keys inside your drawer to ensure they do not go missing. Never hand them to the car park employees as they might use your vehicle for personal chores.

The prevention techniques mentioned above are commonly used in Pakistan to ensure high vehicle security. Car trackers and dash cams are the most reliable equipment that we recommend choosing. TrackerZone is the leading car tracker company in Pakistan that provides 24/7 customer support and real-time location information. 

We make sure that your vehicle never goes missing. We can also install dash cams and other vehicle safety equipment mentioned above. The choice is yours to either take reactive measures after your car gets stolen or take preventive measures proactively. We highly recommend opting for the best car tracker company in Pakistan and taking the steps mentioned above.

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