Top 10 Vehicle Tracking Companies in Pakistan


Ranking the top 10 vehicle tracking companies in Pakistan is difficult because tracking services are difficult to differentiate. However, we have ranked the best car tracking companies in Pakistan based on our experience and market knowledge.  All the brands mentioned on the list are different from each other. We have tried to cover every aspect of the value that they add. You must assess what you want and align the company’s specialty with it. Let us introduce you to the best car tracking system in Pakistan.

Tracker Zone

Tracker Zone leads the pack when we list the top 10 vehicle tracking companies in Pakistan. It generates reliable tracking information and a prompt alert mechanism to inform you of suspicious activites. Tracker Zone has the highest tracking client retention ratio due to its superior tracking services and unwavering client support.  Tracker Zone is the best car tracking company in Islamabad. However, the servers provide GPS coverage in all major cities in Pakistan. There are different packages based on affordability and client’s requirements. Tracker Zone has the best GPS tracking system for individual and business needs. You can install GPS trackers and RFID tags using monthly or yearly plans. 

Alpha Track

Alpha Track is one of the oldest and most experienced car tracking companies in Pakistan. It was founded in 2012 by Zeeshan Ahmad. The company got itself registered with all the relevant state agencies and authorities. Its services initially extended to Islamabad only, but the company quickly built up a loyal customer base. 

Alpha Track is the most reliable tracker company in Pakistan because it has the highest recovery percentage of 97 percent. The shift from Islamabad to the whole of Pakistan is an impressive milestone for the company since it has already earned 7,500 loyal users over the decade-long tracking services it provides. Alpha Tracks’s advanced GPS technology is the main reason behind its success.


Falcon-i has earned this list with its persistent dedication to quality. As evident from its name, the company’s support team keeps a falcon’s eye on your daily routine. Its tracking facility excels in fleet management services provided to businesses all over Pakistan. 

Its CEO, Syed Saad Salman, and the support staff have developed a high-end mobile app that keeps you updated. The mobile app is an all-in-one package containing real-time location details and solid customer information security protocols. The easy remote monitoring and accurate location details are why Falcon-i is on our list. 

TPL Trakker

TPL Trakker is a tracking business that started in Karachi 22 years ago. Its team has the necessary experience to handle your tracking information with diligence. It has subsidiaries and ventures in diversified areas to help you cover different aspects of your fleet management. TPL Trakker also provides vehicle and life insurance through other ventures. It allows businesses to insure their assets and employees alongside tracking them. 

TPL Trakker is among the top 10 vehicle tracking companies in Pakistan because it is the only vendor to track containers and bonded cargo for the government of Pakistan. Trakker Middle East LLC is a subsidiary in Dubai, so this tracking company has international exposure to ensure competitive tracking services. 


Tracking World

Tracking World is the pioneer of corporate GPS tracking. The company was founded in 2004, and its headquarters is located in Lahore. It is easily one of the top 10 vehicle tracking companies in Pakistan because its client tele is solid. It has provided tracking services to corporate giants like Coca-Cola and Nestle. 

Tracking World provides different monitoring devices serving almost all customer requirements. It has MDVR devices for real-time location and behavior tracking. Tracking World also installs dash cams for delivery vans and gensets for maximum fuel efficiency.

C Track

C Track is a well-established and the best car tracking company in Islamabad. It was founded around 15 years ago, and since then, it has never looked back. The CEO, Muhammad Sameer, successfully expanded the coverage all over Pakistan. 

C Track provides basic tracking services at higher prices than the market average. However, it is known for doing the simple things right. C Track has car immobilization, ignition details, location information, etc., in its portfolio. It has earned its place on the top 10 vehicle tracking companies in Pakistan due to its excellent vehicle recovery support. 

Unique Track

Unique Track is a high-end tracking service vendor. The discussion is incomplete without Unique Track when we talk about the top 10 vehicle tracking companies in Pakistan. The company was founded in Lahore 11 years ago. The decade-long experience plays a vital role when you opt for this company. 

Unique Track claims that Fortune 500 companies use its products and services. It is said that the Unique Track has its GPS tracking system installed in Audi, Volkswagen, Hino, and other prominent car brands. Unique Track has international connections enable it to follow the vehicle security SOPs. PTA licenses the brand and its devices. The coverage is provided all over Pakistan, including small townships and districts. 

Tracking Hub

Tracking Hub was established in Wah Cantt near Rawalpindi. It has over 11 years of experience. Its advanced server technology covers every location in Pakistan. Besides being one of the top 10 vehicle tracking companies in Pakistan, Tracking Hub aims to expand its coverage to other Asian companies as well. 

Tracking Hub has over 6,000 clients, including motorcycles, heavy vehicles, and fleet management. The company tried to keep its services cost-beneficial for motorbike owners. Since motorbikes are a growing market in Pakistan, Tracking Hub keeps them on top of the priority list. 

Mux Track

Mux Track is a Multan-based tracking company incorporated in 2018. Despite its inexperience in the Pakistani car tracking market, we have listed it as one of the top 10 vehicle tracking companies in Pakistan because it is discreet. 

Mux Track has devices that use European and Chinese technology. These trackers are durable and power-efficient. The company has licensed the trackers from PTA, so you can install and use them across Pakistan. Mux Track services are more expensive than the average GPS tracker price in Pakistan. It has thousands of local and international clients. Besides Pakistan, the company provides tracking services in ten countries (Western and Middle Eastern).

Sky Track

Sky Track is the best car tracking company in Islamabad. It is a Pakistan-oriented enterprise with no foreign affiliation or client tele. It is licensed by PTA, and the management has opened offices all over Pakistan for easy communication and efficient complaint redressal.

Sky Track is an affordable substitute for most tracking brands available. This is why we have ranked it within the top 10 vehicle tracking companies in Pakistan. The company does offer real-time tracking for bikes, cars, and fleets.

Best Vehicle Tracking Companies in Pakistan

Selecting the best car tracker company in Pakistan is a crucial thing. The GPS tracking system, combined with the right insights, is value-adding for every individual and business. It can prevent vehicle theft and waste of resources. 

You can select any of the vendors mentioned above after assessing their strengths. However, we recommend selecting Tracker Zone because they have excellent complaint redressal mechanisms and client retention. When compared to other companies, Tracker Zone is a fairly new player in the market. However, it has earned its share and maintained it.

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