Choosing the Right Car Tracking System in Pakistan


Pakistan has been through a lot in the two preceding decades. Security and theft risks have been at their peak, so people face concerns regarding their lives and assets. This problem came as an opportunity for the rise of vehicle tracker companies in Pakistan. 

The Pakistani market has different companies that a vehicle owner can opt from. We have already discussed the top 10 vehicle tracking companies in Pakistan. However, you might still face the problem of selecting the right brand if you do not know the factors you need to consider before making the final call.

Purchasing a GPS tracker for a car is the best way to prevent theft or ensure a speedy recovery, but the efficiency varies from company to company for tracking packages. The factors that you need to consider before choosing the right car tracking system include price, features, customer support, brand image, and coverage. 

The price factor for right car tracking system in Pakistan

After reading this article, you will be able to make the right decision and select the best car tracker in Pakistan. Give importance to all the below-mentioned features so that your vehicle never gets stolen.

Car tracker price in Pakistan varies from company to company. The difference is not evident when you visit their respective websites. However, a detailed review and understanding of the features offered in each package is all that you need.

Choosing the right car tracking system in Pakistan requires understanding not only the price of the packages offered by various companies but also the features offered in return. The packages usually start from 12 thousand and end near 30 thousand. 


The best car tracker in Pakistan comes with the most reliable and value-adding features. Vehicle tracking companies offer different features that you might already know. The following are the hallmarks of leading car tracker brands in Pakistan:

Real-time tracking

This feature is the primary thing to check in a car tracking system. Almost all car tracking companies share the real-time location of your car. We recommend avoiding purchase if the company does not offer the real-time status of your vehicle.


Geo-fencing has transformed the landscape of car tracking. It enables you to set geographical boundaries for your vehicle. This feature prevents your driver from taking the car beyond the authorized area. 

SMS Alert

The leading car tracking companies in Pakistan house an SMS alert mechanism because it is mandatory. An efficient and timely alert can save you from a potential car theft. Moreover, the best tracker for cars supports a mobile app for better handling and monitoring. 

Engine kill

The engine kill feature is an important thing to look for in a car tracker. It halts the vehicle immediately after the car owner presses the engine kill button on the mobile app. It buys the security agencies enough time to recover your vehicle.

Area covered

The best GPS tracker for cars provides the maximum coverage. The top 10 vehicle tracking companies in Pakistan cover the whole country. Some brands also have international affiliations to extend their services to other countries.

The best car tracking company usually covers the maximum area to ensure minimum interruption. Select the vehicle tracking company that has offices throughout the company. It helps with filing complaints and addressing issues whenever required. 

Online reviews and brand image

Online reviews are the most credible source to validate the claims made by a car tracking company. We recommend checking the customer reviews and assessing the brand image before going forward with the final decision. 

Purchasing a tracker for car is a crucial commitment where a company must support you sufficiently in case of emergency. A well-known brand will never spoil its reputation by intentionally mishandling a tracking case. Again, social media reviews serve as the most reliable source to assess brand image.

Customer support 

The car tracking company with the most robust and cooperative customer support is the ultimate winner. The GPS car tracking business is built around trust and transparent communication. We recommend selecting the GPS car tracking system that provides you with 24/7 customer support. It is a mandatory feature that most buyers tend to overlook.


After knowing the prerequisite features of a GPS tracker for a car, the next step is to find a company that offers these benefits. Tracker Zone is the best place to invest your money and trust because we offer you complete car tracking packages. These packages are affordable for personal use. Even small businesses can benefit from our GPS car tracking services.

We offer coverage across Pakistan, so your vehicle will never go unmonitored. Our qualified and courteous support staff deals with every theft instance with professionalism. Moreover, our mobile app, website, and server are at par with the top 10 vehicle tracking brands in Pakistan. The car tracker price in Pakistan is the foremost thing that determines the overall efficiency of a package. Correlate the features and prices to effectively utilize your budget.

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