How Is A Car Tracking System Value-Adding For Site-Based Businesses?


The site-based businesses are usually prone to risks that other normal businesses do not experience. These businesses have workers performing jobs at different locations; hence it is nearly impossible for the owner to check everything personally. These include construction, plumbing, repair, delivery, and other related businesses. 

GPS car tracking systems can help the owner to check what each person is doing on the site. Moreover, there are other things that you can do as well. This article will explain several creative steps you can take to overcome the inefficiencies your company faces.

How Is A Car Tracking System Value-Adding For Site-Based Businesses?

Checking the job timing on the site

Many companies experience a loss of hundreds of dollars daily when it comes to employee negligence. This negligence is not only their faulty work but also the arrival and departure timings. Companies that operate site-based businesses often have inefficient monitoring systems to keep a check on the labor regarding when they come and go.

If your workers take hourly wages then each hour your worker is missing is an unnecessary cost borne by your company. This negligence happens every day and the effect gets multiplied to form a greater impact. Ultimately, we can conclude that you do not know when your workers arrive and leave. 

You should invest a bit in the GPS car tracking system to ensure you know everything happening on your site. The GPS car tracking system can produce daily sheets showing arrival and departure times. You will get alerts regarding late arrivals and early departures. You can also set geofencing rules on your system to know when a vehicle has to enter and exit a certain site. 

Optimal assignment of job

When you have on-site jobs, you must ensure that the most appropriate individual is allocated to it. A general rule is that the nearest worker to a job should perform it. You install the GPS car tracker in each vehicle and list the drivers.

The GPS car tracking system will let you know which driver is the nearest to a specific job. Allocating a site job to the nearest driver will save a lot of time and fuel costs. The fuel costs will benefit your company while saving time will ensure consumer satisfaction. 

For instance, if your company provides computer repair service and a customer reports an emergency. You can allocate the job to the nearest worker on the GPS car tracking system. This will reduce the fuel cost as the nearest worker is allocated.

Moreover, consumer satisfaction will be ensured because it will take less time to solve the problem. Late arrival at an emergency can also result in penalties(this varies from business to business).

Determining personal usage

Site-based businesses usually allow their employees to take official vehicles to their homes. Some senior employees can even use the vehicles for private purposes if required. However, there are risks related to compliance with what the company has allowed the employee to do. There are even certain classes of vehicles that a citizen cannot use for personal chores.

A GPS tracking device installed on such vehicles is a handy thing to have. You can check the after-office-timing usage and determine the fuel costs the employee has to bear due to personal usage.

You can extract some information from the tracking server, such as alerts when the vehicle is used after office hours, a detailed driver log, and route maps to show detailed movements. 

Your business should also know when employees do their personal work during office hours. You can track and assess the driving pattern and routes in detail to ensure your staff does not misappropriate your asset. 

Turn on the engine when needed

Employees tend to waste a lot of fuel by leaving the engine idle. In this era where fuel prices are increasing continuously, you should ensure effective control over the unnecessary wastage of fuel.

You can check the duration for which the engine of your vehicle was left idle, and you can compare it with other relevant reports like the total fuel consumed. You can then educate your drivers to turn off the engine while standing idle on the road. 

Avoid hard driving

Have you ever thought your drivers do not handle the vehicles carefully? They will argue if you tell them they are at fault. GPS car tracking system is not just a location recorder but also stores other information. It records how the brakes were applied ad the accelerator was pressed.

A harsh push will update the report accordingly. This will provide you with a piece of written evidence that you can show to your driver. Now the drivers cannot avoid their fault. All thanks to the GPS car tracking technology.

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