The Role of car trackers in reducing vehicle theft 


Have you ever been a victim of theft? Imagine your brand new car being stolen at a parking spot. It does seem scary and upsetting. To worsen the situation, car thefts have a significant increase and this has caught the attention of several car owners. 

In today’s world, many car owners are changing direction towards car trackers to reduce car thefts and to maximize security of their vehicles. Car trackers are equipped with GPS and cellular networks that operate on every car model and company to provide protection from potential threats.   

Why are trackers important 

There is a predicted rise of car thefts in 2023. Car trackers help track down car thieves after the vehicle has been stolen while also helping to deter thieves from stealing your vehicles. There are two types of GPS on the market, commercial fleet tracker and thatcham insurance-approved tracker. 

Vehicle security

An important concern for car owners is theft. Car trackers can prevent auto theft as well as act as a powerful deterrent against theft. A car tracker provides real time location updates, quick recovery of cars after theft by monitoring the movements of the car and sending the signals to a single monitoring service that can help you see the location onto a screen.

By installing a car tracker, we can monitor location in real time and receive alerts if a vehicle moves without authorization. This allows quick action to take place such as notifying law enforcement as well as providing help to guide the vehicles after it has been stolen. Authorities can locate the vehicle and the stealers as well. A car tracker also acts as a deterrent against potential threats from targeting the car. 

Real time tracking 

With modern GPS technology, car owners can monitor where their cars are at a given time. This seems to be quite useful for parents to track their teenager’s location or for employees who need to track location of their fleet vehicle. A car tracker can help incase of emergencies, such as accidents or breakdowns. 

Geo fencing

Geo fencing is a technology that allows vehicles to define virtual boundaries for itself. Geofencing capabilities basically allow users to set virtual boundaries according to their convenience and receive notifications if their vehicle passes them. Therefore, if a vehicle enters or exits the defined areas, car trackers send an alert to the owner. This technology works best for fleet managers who want to track their vehicles to stay within the designated area, for parents wanting to monitor their children’s driving location or for vehicle renting businesses who want to track vehicles rented or loaned out so that they have security and accountability. Geo fencing can also provide data such as mileage, speed, history of location of the car that can keep the person tracking their vehicles in peace of mind and provide a deterrent from thieves. 

Vibration alarm

In the case of a smart thief, who would try to detach the tracker from the car before stealing it this feature works best. A vibration alarm goes off notifying owners of the car tracker being tampered or removed without authorization. This is a good trick to help prevent tampering or unauthorized removal of the car tracker so that the vehicle has a functional tracker safety and smart theft prevention methods. 

Fleet management

Car trackers have proven to be useful for fleet managers. This is a complex task involving managing multiple vehicles, drivers and routes at the same time. A car tracker can provide fleet managers with real time insight into location and performance of all of their vehicles together. This saves the time and hassle allowing better route planning, vehicle allocation and driver accountability beforehand. A car GPS tracker can also help to optimize fuel consumption, monitor driver behavior, and reduce vehicle accidents leading to cost saving and more productivity from the drivers. 

Thatcham trackers 

Insurance approved vehicle trackers have passed stringent testing of thatcham research. This agency has researched different tools invented only for car security and approved and rejected them. These trackers come with 24/7 monitoring and connection to mobile apps. As soon as a theft is detected, it will alert the police of that area, the exact location of the car so that a quick action can be taken. In this way, instead of wasting time till morning to find out your car has been stolen the night before and then taking some action, your car trackers are already locating your vehicle and alerting the police.  

Mobile app 

You can connect your tracker to a mobile app and follow a real-time tracking system. It is easier to add remote immobilization features through your phone and this ensures that you can easily track down your vehicle anytime anywhere at your convenience and keep it safe from potential threats. 


Car theft is a serious threat that has left almost all car owners in shock and concern. The introduction of car trackers has added ease to the situation and this technology is still being developed. Car trackers can track real time location of vehicles, allow quick recovery after it has been stolen, alerts the authorities, allow geo fencing and tracking of features such as location history or mileage and speed. These features can be detected on mobile apps nowadays. All of this adds reassurance to car owners while they can spend time in peace. 

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