How To Find a GPS Tracker On a Car?


Several vehicles around come with a GPS tracker that uses cellular networks and the global positioning system to monitor a car’s location and position.

These car trackers are most commonly used in taxi and fleet companies, and some people even use them in their vehicles to prevent car theft.

In most cases, the owner himself puts these trackers on his car to keep a check on it and monitor the location, but sometimes, these trackers are installed by someone else without the owner’s permission.

If you are here, it seems like you want to know if someone has illegally installed a tracker on your car and is keeping an eye on you. Well, if that’s your purpose of being here, then yes, you are in the right place. Today we are going to guide you on how to find a GPS tracker in your car.

Inspecting The Exterior

Injection-molded ABS is used in the bumpers, and that’s the best place to put a GPS tracker on. If you want to have a look behind the bumper, the best thing to do is to use a pole with a mirror and illuminate that particular area with a flashlight.

This will work for you. If there’s nothing that you see behind both the bumpers, then the next thing to do is look at the vehicle’s undercarriage.

Even though there are fewer chances for you to find the tracker there, you can still give it a try as there is some possibility. Lastly, check inside the hood of your car because if there’s a tracker, there might be some extra wires connected on the inside, that’s what you need to be careful about.

Inspecting The Interior

Most people don’t know this, but you can even put a GPS tracker inside the car. The easiest way to find a tracker in your vehicle’s interior is to check the OBD data port that’s right behind the dashboard.

Sometimes, it’s even behind the cigarette lighter receptacle. Here you don’t need any special inspection techniques because this area is quite visible, and you can tell if there’s a tracker attached.

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