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Multan, one of the biggest cities of Punjab, especially South Punjab, is far from the iron-hold of Punjab’s management capital – Lahore. 

While it is a big city, and law and order situation is good. Common crimes like theft, robbery and carjacking are actually still now as low as expected, and Multan is on the road from Central Punjab to Inner Sindh where many stolen vehicles are taken to.

The problem of car theft in Pakistan cannot be understood fully without understanding how thieves use spare part markets in big cities to rip a car apart from bumper to bumper, and sell the unidentifiable parts to innocent buyers. 

Even the Anti-Vehicle Lifting Cell has not been able to fully curb the outspread of carjacking. 

TrackerZone understands that to corner and foil the modern car theft problems, there has to be a solution that addresses all of them. Definitely, a car tracking and engine jamming device cannot do anything about car battery theft.

This is why our unique solutions encapsulates every car theft situation that you’re worried of. Using our solution you can do web or app tracking of your car, get notified when someone tries to access battery, force a geo-fencing on your car: both via an SMS or a call and enjoy complete ignition and speed control.

Please feel free to call us if and when you have any questions or concerns about our service.

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